United Way of Forsyth County brings the community and its resources together to solve problems that no one organization can address alone.


United Way and Forsyth County have made great progress over the years. Focusing on the roots of issues, we navigate major societal changes and economic ups and downs, always building upon our assets, addressing our weaknesses and seeking new avenues for development.

To sustain true change, there is always more to discover, more to give, more to accomplish. Our community continues to face increasingly complex challenges. Effectively responding to ever-changing issues calls for comprehensive and interconnected solutions. Solutions that result from unwavering focus on each of our target areas of Education, Financial Stability, Health and Basic Needs. They are separate issues, but their roots are deeply interconnected.

When we commit to addressing these root causes, all Forsyth County residents benefit from the progress our community is making.

Our United Way will create a stronger future for our community through collaborative and results-oriented work that is designed to create positive change.