FAFSA and VITA Tax Preparation Assistance for Forsyth County High School Students and Families

Last year, United Way of Forsyth County partnered with the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools to pilot a program at four high schools for parents and students of those schools to receive assistance in completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form (FAFSA).  This year, the program is open to all Forsyth County high schools who choose to participate.   Since validation of the FAFSA requires 2013 tax returns to be completed, VITA tax preparation, in partnership with Experiment in Self-Reliance, is also being provided for those who qualify. 

Listed below are the high schools currently registered to participate with the dates for tax preparation and FAFSA assistance with the qualifications for participation.  This site will be updated as high schools Please CLICK HERE to register to attend or contact Stefon Plummer at stefon.plummer@uwforsyth.org or  (336)721-9352/office or (229)347-1971/cell. 


  • Student must be enrolled at requested high school to attend FAFSA day
  • VITA tax preparation is offered to families making less than $52,000 per year.  For more information on program requirements and what you would need to bring, please CLICK HERE.
  • Qualifying families may attend any VITA Tax Preparation Day at any school


VITA Tax Preparation Day*


Atkins HS

11:30a-3:30p  January 31, 2014 

9:30a-3:30p  February 21, 2014

Carver HS 12:30p-6p  February 5, 2014 9:30p-3:30p  February 19, 2014
Mt. Tabor HS N/A 9a-1p  February 22, 2014
North Forsyth HS 11:30p-3:30p  February 6, 2014 9:30p-3:30p  February 18, 2014
Kennedy HS TBD TBD
Parkland HS 9a-1p  February 15, 2014 9a-1p  February 15, 2014
East Forsyth HS 12p-6p  February 27, 2014 12p-6p  February 27, 2014

*VITA dates may change

For more questions please contact Stefon Plummer at stefon.plummer@uwforsyth.org or (336)721-9352.

Education Impact- Graduating our Future-Updated Aug 2012

The Challenge

  • 80.9% of Forsyth County’s 9th graders graduate from high school in four years. This is an improvement over last year's rate of 78.8%, but there is still work to be done.
  • Forsyth ranks 3rd in graduation rates among the states five most populous counties, diminishing our economic competitiveness.1
  • Dropouts earn 32% less than high school graduates. They are more likely to live below the poverty line, serve time in jail, live shorter lives, and receive government assistance.2

1North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.
2High School Dropouts: Individual Economic Cost and The Role of the GED as a Potential Factor, Magnus Lofstrom, University of Texas at Dallas, The Social Costs of Inadequate Education, Henry M. Levin, Columbia University.

United Way's Response

  • Established improving the high school graduation rate as our top priority.
  • Created a comprehensive pilot initiative in early 2008 to increase tutoring, family involvement, counseling, mentoring, graduation coaching for students at-risk of dropping out.
  • Targeted the pilot program for Parkland Magnet High School (lowest graduation rate in system) and Philo Magnet Academy (Funded by Women's Leadership Council dollars), Parkland’s largest feeder school.
  • Expanded limited tutoring in Spring 2010 to Mineral Springs Middle School and East Forsyth Middle School. (Funded by Women's Leadership Council dollars)
  • Expanded targeted tutoring in Spring 2010 to Carver High School
  • Intensive tutoring began at Atkins High School in Spring 2010
  • A comphrehensive program at North Forsyth High School began in Summer 2011



Key Outcomes Baseline Most recent Percent Change
Parkland Magnet High School Graduation Rate 65.8% 74.3% +12.96%
Parkland students passing End of Course tests 42.3% 70.7% +67.1%
Atkins High School Graduation Rate 53.3% 96.9%* +81.8%*
Atkins students passing End of Course tests 45.6% 48.0% +5.3%
Carver High School Graduation Rate 66.1% 72.6% +9.8%
Carver students passing End of Course tests 52.5% 58.1% +10.6%
Philo Magnet Academy students testing on grade level in math 29.6% 70.1% +136.8%
Philo Magnet Academy students testing on grade level in reading 18.3% 39.3% +114.7%


* Atkins became a full magnet school 2 years ago and therefore had a very different population of students in the school year that just ended (2012). This is the primary reason for the striking increase in the graduation rate there.