The city of Winston-Salem has contracted with united way forsyth county to facilitate the coronavirus fiscal recovery fund application process

The City Council has allocated $3 million to assist small businesses and non-profits behind on their rent, mortgage, or utility payments because of the pandemic: $1 million each for small businesses, small social service non-profits, and small non-profits in the areas of travel, tourism, hospitality, and the arts. The program will offer micro-grants of no more than $25,000 to assist small businesses and non-profits that are in danger of ceasing operations. Grants must go towards arrears for rent, mortgage, and/or utility payments. The funds are not intended to replace revenues and are limited in scope based on state law.

The recovery grants program includes these provisions:

All recipients must be located within the city corporate limits.
All recipients must have been conducting business prior to the onset of the pandemic (Jan.1, 2020)
Payments will only be made for obligations incurred before City Council approval.

Small businesses:
Must have fewer than 25 FTE (full-time equivalent) employees
Must be independently owned (no chains)

Must have an organizational budget under $1 million
Must show proof of service in QCTs or to similar populations
Must have board approval to apply

Recipients will be selected in two rounds. In round one, up to 25 grants in each category will be made to small businesses in qualified census tracts (QCTs) and to non-profits (social services and TTHA) in or serving QCTs. In the event that more than 25 applications are received in any category, grant awardees in that category will be chosen by lottery.

Those not selected through the lottery will be placed into round two for a second chance to be selected. In round two, small businesses and non-profits (social services and TTHA) in areas beyond QCTs that are in census tracts with median household incomes below $50,000 will be eligible. If more applications are received than funding available, a lottery method will be used to distribute funds to those eligible entities.

Please review the resources below to help you prepare for your application process. If you have any questions, please contact Ucha David at 336-721-9343 or ucha.david@uwforsyth.org.

The CLFRF Application will open on Tuesday, January 18, 2022, at 8:00 a.m.

The deadline to apply is Friday, February 18 at 8:00 a.m.