2023 Annual Meeting Q&A

Guests gathered on Tuesday, April 11th, for a light breakfast, networking, and to hear an update from President and CEO Dr. Antonia Monk Richburg on the “State of United Way of Forsyth County.” Guest speakers were also invited to the podium to highlight partnerships and impact over the last year.

We were especially excited to congratulate our Spirit of North Carolina Honorees and Mr. Arthur Woodbury, a Place Matters Construction Apprentice with Habitat for Humanity.

At the end of the event, Dr. Richburg invited guests to submit questions on notecards so that we might follow up with answers in this blog post for the entire community to read. Below you’ll find the three questions asked and Dr. Richburg’s replies:

Q: What do you feel is the biggest strength of our organization right now?

A: One of the greatest strengths of United Way of Forsyth County organization is our ability to bring together a wide range of community partners to work towards a common goal. We strive to collaborate with local businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and individual donors to address the most pressing social issues in our community.

Through our partnerships, we are able to leverage resources and expertise from a variety of sources to create impactful programs and initiatives that address issues such as education, health, financial stability, and basic needs. Additionally, we have a deep understanding of the needs and challenges facing our local community.

Another strength is our ability to mobilize volunteers. We have a large network of volunteers who are passionate about making a difference in this community. These volunteers help with fundraising, advocacy, program implementation, and other critical tasks, which allows our United Way to maximize impact.

Overall, I believe the greatest strength is our ability to bring together diverse stakeholders and resources to create sustainable solutions to complex social issues in Forsyth County.

Q: What is the next big trend in our field?

A: I believe the next big trend in philanthropy is likely to involve more strategic, collaborative, and data-driven approaches to giving, with a focus on generating measurable social and environmental impact.

Q: How does United Way of Forsyth County differ from other regional funders?

A: We are more than a funder and repository for financial gifts. We are an honest convener to address community issues, we strive to collaborate with all sectors of our community and our vast knowledge enables us to be an effective catalyst for positive community change.

If you missed the Annual Meeting, you can view the recording of the Live Stream HERE and see the event photos HERE.

Thank you for your continued support of Forsyth County and our amazing residents!