CC, a 15 year Army veteran, fell on hard times and into homelessness. For 12 years, he and his young son bounced from couch to couch, without the security and stability of their own home.

Forsyth County is one of the communities participating in our Zero: 2016 effort and with the help of Samaritan Ministries of Forsyth County, CC was connected with housing through the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs Supportive Services for Veteran Families Program. He and his son now have a place they can call their own.

Now employed as a Private Duty CAN, CC is also enrolled in school to fulfill his lifelong passion for cooking by pursuing a degree in the culinary arts.  Thankful for a second chance, CC said this of the dedicated local team that helped him find housing:  “I’m grateful to all involved. It has allowed me to have my own place to call home, a stable residence, which in turn allows me to further my education and employment goals. Most importantly, it allows my son and me to be together under our own roof.” Congratulations Forsyth County and welcome home, CC!