Blog: United Way and Physical Health: The Why Behind The Way

United Way and Physical Health: The Why Behind The Way

November 2016

“The Why Behind The Way.” It’s United Way of Forsyth County’s 2016 Campaign slogan, but what does it really mean? We recently talked about this in a recent post.

Here, we answer why United Way is investing in numerous health programs across Forsyth County.

Winston-Salem and Forsyth County have made tremendous progress over the years. However, too many of our residents don’t have the same opportunities to live a stable and healthy life. Even with all the exceptional health care resources in Forsyth County, the rates of chronic disease here are too high .

At United Way of Forsyth County, we know that good health begins long before you need medical care. It begins where we live, learn, work, and play. So what can we do?

United Way supports integrated solutions that diagnose, treat, and control cancer, heart disease and diabetes so all members of our community have a chance to live a long and healthy life.


United Way is partnering with groups from across Forsyth County, including local businesses, governments, hospitals, faith-based organizations, and residents, to maximize donor investments and give all our residents the fundamentals of a good life: education, financial stability and health.

In this year alone, United Way will invest about $12 Million in 71 programs across the community. Just in the areas of physical and mental health, we will invest about $3.3 million in 26 programs. These programs are working to improve health disparities in our community and address the “social determinants of health” that are often the root causes of chronic disease

At United Way, the money we raise goes right back into this community to help people now – it’s why your donations are so important each and every year. By joining with other United Way supporters, you are showing this community’s enduring commitment to provide each of our neighbors with the opportunity to live a stable and healthy life.


Chronic diseases have a variety of “risk factors” that increase their likelihood of occurring in a person. Some of these risk factors are obviously outside of our control, such as our genetics. Other risk factors, known as “Social Determinants,” are caused by the environment in which we live. Often these factors are also outside or our control. Or, we may need some help to effectively address them. Here you can see how these social determinants are often at the root cause of our health and can impact other Contributing Risk Factors that may cause cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.


Together – United – we are making Forsyth County a better place. And at the most fundamental level, your donations are changing peoples’ lives.

That’s the Why Behind the Way.

Donate to support United Way and help our neighbors live better and stronger lives.