With schools across North Carolina closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers, and staff in several communities, including Forsyth County, are going above and beyond to help students and let their pupils know how much they miss and appreciate them.

While we all practicing social distancing, we also understand that the best way to get through this is by LIVING UNITED. Teachers influence the lives of their students in many ways, and can have a lasting impact well beyond our school years!​






United Way of Forsyth County invites you to show teachers how valued they are in our community through a “Card of Support.”  (You may also submit a card of support for members of the medical community,  volunteers, staff of our partner agencies, etc ) We will be delivering Thank You cards electronically to teachers throughout the Forsyth County area to appreciate their efforts in enabling students to continue their education such that this pandemic does not derail their future plans.​

You can submit your card electronically! Please fill out your contact information below, select a design, write a short note, and your card will be delivered in our mailbag!

Thank you!