e-CImpact is United Way of Forsyth County’s online system for managing its annual investment process, agencies and volunteers.  Through e-CImpact, agencies will be able to submit applications, and provide reports and accountability documents.  Community volunteers who participate in Community Impact Councils and/or other funding review committees will also have electronic access to agency and program information to assist in decision making and direct resources accordingly. All authorized users are issued login information.

Frequently Asked Questions and Quickstart Guides

Q: Where can I access e-CImpact’s login page for my agency?
A: https://agency.e-cimpact.com/login.aspx?org=35730F

Q: What is my username?
A: Your username will be your agency email address.

Q: What if I forget my password?
A: On the agency login page click ‘Forgot your password?’ then enter your username and select ‘AutoGenerate my Password’. Check your email, return to the login page and proceed to login.

Q: I don’t have an account in e-CImpact. How can I create it?
A: Each agency will have a “primary contact” who is responsible for managing access to your account. Initially, United Way of Forsyth has designated each agency’s Executive Director/President/CEO as the primary contact. You should contact them first to request access to E-CImpact (unless you agency has already designated another staff member as your primary contact).

Q: What are the responsibilities of the agency’s “Primary Contact?”
A: The Primary Contact is responsible for managing access to your agency’s e-CImpact page and access to that page. The Primary Contact sets up accounts agency staff members. The Primary Contact must also notify the new user of their username and password that they have created for them because E-CImpact does not generate an initial email to new users when their account is created. (refer to the Document: eCImpact Quickstart Guide for additional details). Additionally, the Primary Contact will also receive emails when staff members from your agency register for an event in e-CImpact.

Q: How do I change who is our agency’s Primary Contact?
A: Follow these steps:
 The existing Primary Contact must login to e-CImpact.
 On the left side of your screen, click “Contacts”
 You will then see all the staff accounts created for your agency, including who is the agency’s primary contact. On the right side of the screen, click “Edit” next to the staff member you want to be the new Primary Contact.
 A new screen will open, and at the top that person’s contact page, you will see an unchecked box next to “Primary.” Click that box. Then at the bottom of the page, click “Save/Update” or “Save/Return to Previous Page”
 Then return to the Contacts page, and you will see “Yes” in the column next to the new name of the new Primary Contact.

Q: When are Mid-Year and Year End reports due?
A: Mid-year reports for all 2017-18 FY programs will be due on February 28th. Please refer to your 2017-18 MoA for year end reporting deadlines specific to your program.

Q: Why does the Performance Measurement form in e-CImpact look different than my program’s MOA?
A: Your Outputs, Outcomes, and Targets may be structured and aligned differently than your initial MOA. Because of system limitations in e-CImpact, United Way staff needed to fit 68 unique program MOA’s into a single reporting structure. The structure in your Performance Measurement form was done by United Way staff using out best judgement, knowing this may not be a perfect conversion.

Q: Are you asking for any new data in the Mid-Year Report, as compared to last
A: We are. In the Program Budget form we are asking you to provide your initial proposed program budget by category, and your “Mid-Year Actual” expenses. This is helpful information for United Way staff and our Community Impact volunteers in learning of a program’s progress throughout the first half of the year. In the Client Demographics form, we are also asking you to provide de-identified demographic data about the clients you have served. We hope to use this demographic data from all our programs to better understand and show the impact of United Way’s funded programs throughout Forsyth County and with its residents.

Q: Who do I contact about questions related to my program?
A: For questions or concerns related to your UWFC funded program, please contact your United Way relationship manager/contact.

Q: Who should I contact for technical support with e-CImpact?
A: You should contact either Ucha David via email/phone at ucha.david@uwforsyth.org/336.721.9345 or Bret Marchant at bret.marchant@uwforsyth.org.

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