Emergency Rental Assistance Program Update

The Emergency Rental Assistance (ERAP) is now accepting applications for households who have become homeless due to COVID-19, and are in need of rehousing assistance (rental and utility assistance). If you have a family or individual that meets this requirement and meets the additional requirements listed you are able to apply for assistance.

  • Household has an income of 80% or less. (Households with 50% or less income prioritized).
  • Households that were impacted financially by COVID such as furlough from job or reduction in work hours. ( Households that have been unemployed for 90 days or more due to COVID are prioritized)

For more information and to assist your household with applying please check out the Emergency Rental Assistance website: https://www.forsyth.cc/erap/

After the application for rehousing households are submitted please send over an email to Shereka Floyd at sherekaf@cityofws.org with the household’s case number and case manager contact information.