Family Caregivers Need Care, Too

Have you ever received a call from a loved one who is sick or disabled asking you to buy groceries, pick up medications or provide a ride to a doctor’s appointment? Or perhaps you’ve taken on bigger roles like helping them with daily activities or being on call for emergencies?

If this sounds familiar, you’re among the 40 million Americans who are caring for a family member according to AARP. And while many people think of caregivers as being older adults, 25 percent are millennials like Nia.

For the past six months, Nia, a 36-year-old nonprofit manager from Washington, D.C., has been helping her husband care for his father, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer. In September, Nia’s in-laws moved from Florida to D.C. after doctors told her father-in-law that treatment wouldn’t help his chances.

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