For Immediate Release: United Way of Forsyth County Announces Funding Process for Community and Place Matters

November 4, 2020 For Immediate Release United Way of Forsyth County Announces Funding Process for Community and Place Matters

Today, officials announced the 2021-2022 Funding Process and Framework for Community Wide Investments and Place Matters

For the 2021-22 Community-Wide Investment Process, “United Way: Building a Thriving Community” United Way of Forsyth County is seeking non-profit partners who are looking to work collaboratively with other stakeholders throughout Forsyth County in order to move from transactional service delivery towards transformational outcomes for their clients, and to help build towards the vision of a world-class community where no one lives in poverty and EVERYONE holds the power to access opportunities and resources needed to thrive.

Chief Impact Officer, Debbie Wilson notes, “UWFC has evolved from being solely a “funding” organization to a “community impact” organization focused on community-level strategies to achieve lasting change for our residents. We continue to engage with diverse partners (nonprofits, businesses, government, schools, neighborhoods and faith-based organizations) to identify collaborative solutions that will result in positive systemic change for Forsyth County.”

President and CEO, Cindy Gordineer adds, “Community impact work by its nature is an evolving processing of learning with our community. Over time and investment, we have learned we cannot effectively break the cycle of poverty unless we also address factors which impact the family unit or entire household.”

For Community wide investments there are two RFP (request for proposal) categories:

(I) Pathways to Economic Mobility – This opportunity for funding is open to all Forsyth County 501 (c)(3) nonprofits. We invite our traditional community partners along with those new to our investment process to partner and work collaboratively and intentionally to affect positive outcomes in our community. We are seeking proposals that address removing barriers that keep individuals and families from moving forward toward self-sufficiency and creating pathways towards economic mobility.

(II) Socioeconomic Wellbeing –This opportunity for funding is only open to current UWFC-funded partners and encompasses programs providing foundational services for our most vulnerable community members.

All Letters of Intent (LOIs) are due on Monday, Dec. 14, 2020.  LOIs will be reviewed and agencies will be notified on or by Jan. 13, 2021 if a program will be invited to submit a full proposal.

To access the entire UWFC Community-Wide RFP please go to

Place Matters

United Way of Forsyth County’s PLACE MATTERS initiative supports and fosters the creation of Thriving Neighborhoods through investment in models and evidence-based practices that address needs identified by the community it serves. This resident-led and resident-informed shift in investing in community is a departure from traditional philanthropy and returns the power to our neighbors in their own neighborhoods. PLACE MATTERS is work that believes that community solutions must have community input and support and validation to be effective. Simply put, PLACE MATTERS is about “Doing With” rather than “Doing for or to” and at United Way of Forsyth County we think that makes all the difference.

Rodd Smith, Director, Place Based Initiatives; Community Planning & Investment notes, “The PLACE MATTERS footprint is comprised of 13 neighborhoods in northeast Winston-Salem (click here to see a live spatial map with a population of approximately 10,000 residents, this area is large enough to allow substantial impact, yet small enough to build meaningful relationships between residents and service providers.”

Resident input has identified 3 priority areas for this upcoming investment cycle: Housing, Healthy Living, and Employment.

The process is open to any 501(c)(3) Nonprofit and interested organizations must either participate in the virtual community meeting or watch the archived presentation. There will be a Virtual Community Meeting and release of RFPs on Monday, Nov. 9 at 3 p.m. (visit UWFC for more details). Letters of Intent are due Fri., Dec. 4th, 2020; organizations invited to apply will be notified by Wed., Dec. 16th.  To access the entire UWFC Place Matters RFP please go to

Once LOI’s are reviewed, agencies will be invited to apply.  Process will conclude in May of 2021, with funding announcements in June 2021.


                              United Way brings the community and its resources together to solve problems that no one organization can address alone.