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Women’s Leadership Council (WLC) has rebranded to Women United (WU)!

Our mission is to transform our community by raising awareness and addressing Forsyth County’s most pressing needs through women-empowered philanthropy. We are a community of caring women who contribute their passions, ideas and unique strengths to support the mission of United Way of Forsyth County.

Founded in 2007, we currently have over 500 members through both corporate and community memberships. Members receive exclusive leadership development, social networking and volunteer opportunities.

With a funding focus around Academic Success for Children and Economic Mobility for their families, members invest $1,000 or more annually to help United Way meeting the needs of women ad children in Forsyth County. 40% of your contributions go to fund programs geared towards empowering women and educating children, and 60% goes to UWFC’s general fund.

Step-Up Program- WU’s Step-Up Program is a fundraising platform which allows members to join Women United with an initial gift of $500, increasing to $1,000 over the course of 5 years.

I enjoy the camaraderie of passionate women focused on making a positive impact in our community.
Tiffany Spainhour, 2022 Women United Chair,
Lowes Foods
Having been a Women’s Leadership Council member for many years, I have always loved being part of an organization that empowers women through philanthropy. This includes the women who are members, as well as the women who are empowered through the organizations supported by Women United.
Dawn Grubbs, 2022 Communication Chair,


WU is committed to making a positive change in our community by harnessing the energy of professionals in our community.

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WU provides exclusive community leadership opportunities! We host monthly volunteer events with our over 60 partner agencies. Click here for volunteer opportunities.

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