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Women’s Leadership Council

The Women’s Leadership Council was established in 2007, with 12 founding members, as an organization that promoted women phil-anthropic leaders in the Winston-Salem Forsyth County community. Over the last 12 years, it has grown to nearly 1,100 members. Women United (formerly The Women’s Leadership Council) has focused on accelerating the high school graduation rate in Forsyth County. From the starting rate of 70% in 2007, the work of WLC has increased the current graduation rate to 86.5%. There are now over 3,807 graduates who would not have graduated pre 2007. The average graduate earns $400,000 more in a lifetime than a drop out; that amounts to a $1.004 billion-dollar impact on our community.

Currently, the Women’s Leadership Council has been working to in-crease the graduation rate by funding programs at Philo-Hill Magnet Academy, Mineral Springs, and East Forsyth Middle Schools. These programs funded include:

Tutoring – After school and in school tutoring for students. The Summer Success Academy -This program helps aid the transition between middle to high school by providing students with preview work material, helping them become acclimated to a new school setting, meeting new classmates, and helping with education skills like time management and study skills.

Family Engagement Counselors – Located at each school, they work closely with guidance counselors recruiting and signing up families for workshops, home visits, and providing general support and re-sources for events like applying to college.


We don’t stand by. We’re raising our voices, rolling up our sleeves, and leaving our fingerprints on a legacy of change that benefits everyone. As part of United Way of Forsyth County, we have unparalleled resources to make lasting local impact.  


Our community needs champions who understand the problems and will offer solutions that make a difference. 

We ignite the power of women – who bring the passion, expertise, and resources needed to get things done – to create lasting change in our communities. 

During the Covid pandemic remote learning sites were implemented and hundreds of students were able to “attend” school as community organizations pivoted their programs to full-time and churches opened their doors to host sites for remote learning.  

Small groups of students were supported and barriers to remote learning were mitigated by providing programs where students could access Wi-Fi, be supervised, and receive support.   


By joining the Women Leadership Council, you’ll become part of a community of like-minded women who contribute their passions, ideas, and unique strengths to the mission of building a stronger Forsyth County.  

Join us at one of our monthly events to network and transform communities with like-minded women or become involved in one of our committees.

Executive Committee: Monitors and oversees WLC project investment, project implementation and results.

Steering Committee: Advocate for WLC in their companies and in the community and also oversee WLC funding and program decisions.

Membership Committee: Plans and executes opportunities to recruit new members and engage current members.•

Communications Committee: Assists in the development of communications and print materials to recruit members and update members on events, volunteer opportunities, and project results.

You can make a difference through volunteer opportunities within the community alongside others who share your passion. As part of the organization, you’ll have opportunities to network and collaborate with business and community leaders at exclusive events. This is your chance to learn about the key issues impacting our community, advocate at the local level, and become part of meaningful progress.  


Membership is $1,000 annually. 40% of your total contribution is invested in WLC’s education initiatives, while 60% is designated to United Way of Forsyth County community investments. Members are encouraged to increase their annual Leadership Circle gift, but not required. 


New members can join with a gift of $500 and incrementally increase by $100 annually while enjoying membership benefits right away.  

I have found that being a member of WLC has expanded my knowledge of how much WLC is needed in the community. WLC gives women a chance to meet, learn from and become better women by interacting with other women leaders in the community. The education part is the greatest gift we as a WLC member can give. Our money and time is given to make sure the children in our county will become our great future leaders.
Mary Cooper, Forsyth County Chair,
Women’s Leadership Council


WLC is committed to making a positive change in our community by harnessing the energy of professionals in our community.

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