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    Please specify what formats you require the project to be delivered. This is what you request to be completed by the above deadline. If you plan on handling the printing yourself, piece mark "digital only" and please note that in the comments.
    Please indicate whether a hard deadline for the project is known, or if that will be later determined and updated. If a deadline is not known, choose a deadline estimated below.
  • This is the absolute last day that you can receive your project, either digitally or printed, in order to meet your project needs. PLEASE NOTE: As a general rule, the minimum lead time for digital collateral (brochures, handouts, posters, etc.) is 7-10 business days. The minimum lead time for projects that need to be printed and delivered is an additional 7-10 days. (this may be impacted by the printer's turnaround time) More involved digital projects such as videos or major website additions are case-specific and as such a deadline based upon the complexity of the request and workflow will be mutually agreed upon.
  • Please include all background information, approved content, and anything else needed to complete this request. You may also use the "File Upload" section below to upload previous versions or content.
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