Every country, state, city and neighborhood presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges. What works for one doesn’t work for another. We know our entire community thrives when all of its neighborhoods are healthy.


Every community has its own unique challenges and opportunities. Solutions are not one-size-fits-all.


A resident-led initiative to target investments where they’re needed most. The goal? To strengthen assets, lessen poverty, and create positive change that will endure.

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The Winston-Salem Metro area has seen a dramatic increase of our population living in poverty. 81% growth, from approximately 57,000 to 104,000 individuals, since 2000. Winston-Salem also ranks among the top ten #7 metro areas with the largest increase of people living in neighborhoods where poverty is highly concentrated.

We are not content to rest on past successes when today’s issues are evolving. While we’re still dedicated to our four priority areas of financial stability, health, education and basic needs, Place-Matters is a complementary, asset-based strategy to focus investments on interconnected solutions within a specific area of Winston-Salem.

It will take a community to solve our community’s issues. Through our key partnership with Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods, a local grassroots community organizing firm, we are engaging residents to make sure our investments align with those who live and experience their neighborhoods every day. Additionally, applications will be reviewed and funding priorities will be identified by an Impact Council comprised of residents of the Place Matters area, not United Way.

In 2016, United Way of Forsyth County invested $2.8 Million in 22 programs focused on strengthening the Place Matters neighborhoods. These are innovative, collaborative initiatives that engage existing community assets, especially the residents themselves, to further enhance these neighborhoods and the lives of those who live there.

We know change will not happen overnight. United Way is committed to Place Matters for the long-term to ensure lasting change.