Press Release: Leaders Engaged In Accelerated Development (LEAD) Program Welcomes 86 New Members

Today, United Way Way Wordwide announced the 86 new members of United Way’s leadership development program called Leaders Engaged in Accelerated Development (LEAD). These members were nominated by their United Way leader (Board Chair, CEO, C-Suite, or Vice President) to join this prestigious program. The nominations were reviewed by members of the selection committee, which consists of current members of LEAD. After reviewing the large number of nominations received this year, the selection committee chose these 86 United Way staff members to join LEAD for the 2019-2020 program.

These new LEADers will have the exclusive opportunity to network with other high-potential and high-performing United Way colleagues and participate in various digitally-based development sessions this year. Upcoming sessions include a meeting facilitation training with Lucid Meetings, understanding how leaders can build a culture of engagement in the workplace, emotional intelligence, a public speaking workshop, “Candid Conversations” with United Way leaders, “Perspectives on Leadership” from business leaders, and so much more.

LEAD is open to United Way staff members who demonstrate core competencies, are high-performers, and have high-potential to grow in the network. The 86 members from this year’s cohort are from across the worldwide network and work in operations, resource development, marketing communications, and community impact.

United Way of Forsyth County, Chief Marketing Officer Kim Thore has been selected to join the program.

Click here to review the list of new 2019 LEAD members.


The Leaders Engaged in Accelerated Development (LEAD) program is United Way’s exclusive engagement and professional development platform designed for high-performing and high-potential individuals who are committed to building their career within United Way.

Through LEAD, United Way aims to build and prepare future United Way leaders by identifying and engaging our network’s high-performer and high-potential employees. The United Way LEAD program offers year-round exclusive learning, development, and networking opportunities. Members receive valuable leadership skills that they can implement within their United Way and within the broader Network.

Membership to LEAD is exclusive to high-potential and high-performing United Way colleagues who want to grow their career within the United Way Network. LEADers are passionate about advancing the mission of United Way. They are focused on growth for themselves to better serve their teams and the broader Network. They must be nominated by their VP, C-suite or CEO leader.