2021 Summer learning Resources:

Community-wide and place matters

  • Community-Wide Programs

    YWCA’s Best Choice Center

    Program Summary: The YWCA’s Best Choice Center is a year-round academic enrichment program, providing After School and Summer Camp programs for K-8 students from Community Wide and Place Matters schools. The mission is to help at risk children succeed academically and interpersonally. The Crosby Bigs for Success Program, which matches high school age Crosby Scholars with Best Choice students, provides mentors for the younger children. The Crosby Bigs are trained by Big Brothers Big Sisters to support “Littles” development of soft skills and promote K-12 success. After School and Summer Camp programs provide certified teachers, transportation, meals, field trips, and access to resources. For more information, visit http://www.ywcaws.org/what-we-do/empower-youth/best-choice-center/ or contact Marilyn Odom at 336-722-0597 ext. 201

    YMCA’s Summer Learning Academies

    Program Summary: The YMCA of Northwest North Carolina aims to expand Summer Learning Academies (SLAs) to three Title 1, low-performing elementary schools in Winston-Salem: Diggs-Latham, Easton, and Ibraham. The 24-day (spanning 6 weeks) summer program, provided at no cost, consists of academic support, social and emotional Learning, leadership and character development, decision making, healthy life choices and family engagement. SLAs are designed to address socioeconomic disparities in education and ensure every child regardless of age, income or background, can learn, grow and thrive. For more information, visit https://ymcanwnc.org/programs/summer-learning-academies/ or contact Stacey McElveen at 336-727-4849

    The Salvation Army’s Ken Carlson Boys & Girls Club

    Program Summary: The Ken Carlson Boys & Girls Club serves youth ages 5-18 from 38 schools in the WS/Forsyth County School System. During non-school hours, the club provides a safe place with supportive adult mentors, peer friendships, and high-impact youth development programs. Emphasizing the importance and requirements of graduation from high school and the opportunities a post-secondary education can provide are both key aspects of the commitment to educational equity. Annual priorities include a focused curriculum including education and career development, character and leadership, health and wellness, the arts, sports and recreation. For more information, visit https://www.salvationarmycarolinas.org/winston-salem/programs/boys-and-girls-clubs/ or contact Sylvia Adams at sylvia.adams@uss.salvationarmy.org

  • Place Matters Programs

    YMCA’s East Winston Summer Enrichment Program

    Program Summary: EWSEP’s traditional summer programming incorporates academic support, enrichment activities, physical activity, healthy living and parent engagement. The YMCA combines traditional summer programming with a Summer Learning Academy curriculum to better serve the needs of the students primarily from the United Way CiVIC neighborhoods. For more information, visit https://ymcanwnc.org/locations/winston-lake-family-ymca/ or call 336-724-9205

    TURN’s TURN After School Tutoring, Enrichment and Food Program

    Program Summary: TURN provides a safe haven for children in the community after school and during the summer, giving working parents an alternative to children coming home to unsupervised homes. TURN provides tutoring services to children in k12th grade while promoting social development and enrichment activities. TURN also provides volunteer opportunities in programs such as Crosby scholars and training which can lead to employment. The TURN team has extensive experience in providing programs that aid children in improving academic performance. For more information, visit https://turninc.org/f/come-explore-summer-camp-with-us or call 336-701-5517