NC Self-Sufficiency Standard


Throughout our state, incomes well above the Federal Poverty Level are still far below what is necessary for families to meet their basic needs.

The Self-Sufficiency Standard for North Carolina 2020 tracks the true cost of living facing North Carolina families today. It highlights the growing gap between sluggish wages and ever-increasing expenses, clearly illuminating the economic “crunch” experienced by so many families today. By tracking and calculating the true cost of living facing American families, the Standard allows for comparisons of geographic differences as well as documentation of historical trends.

United Way of North Carolina supported the development of the Self-Sufficiency Standard for North Carolina 2020 to ensure the best data and analyses are available to enable North Carolina’s families and individuals to make progress toward real economic security. Local United Ways in North Carolina are addressing community problems, many through collaborative efforts with government, business, and other nonprofit organizations. Their hands on approach is leading to neighborhood engagement where self-defined strategies for improvement spurs a family’s upward mobility. The Self-Sufficiency Standard will help local United Ways and their partners build a case for collaborative strategies that will meet community challenges and create lasting change.