The Gift of Giving Back

Christmas 2015 was a very special one for me and my family. This was our newest family member’s first Christmas and our oldest son, Zachary Jr.’s fourth Christmas. We all recognize the former as a special time (first Christmas), but the fourth one is maybe even more significant for our family. Zach is now at an age where he can understand the story of Christmas, giving to others and sharing—among many other life lessons. So, in an effort to carry on our family’s tradition of benevolence and altruism we decided to show Zach “the way” through volunteering during the holiday season. We felt having the opportunity to volunteer at the Salvation Army alongside his mom would be a great start!

Zach really enjoyed helping. His favorite part was picking out the toys that he thought other kids would like–also the toys he wanted, conveniently! It was an awesome experience. Thank you, Young Leaders United, for offering our family this opportunity!

Author: Connie McLendon, YLU Member