United Way of Forsyth County Invests an Additional $4M in 67 Partner Programs

Winston-Salem, NC (July 18, 2023) – United Way of Forsyth County, through their Community-Wide and Place Matters Investments, announced an additional $4 million in funding to support 67 programs across 36 community partner organizations – providing a much-needed additional year of support.

This investment cycle is for one year, from July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2024, and will continue to center on United Way of Forsyth County’s core focus areas: creating equitable communities, improving economic mobility, and ensuring childhood and student success. You can learn more about each of the funded programs as follows:

“These allocations signify our continued and collective dedication to addressing the most pressing challenges facing our community,” United Way of Forsyth County President and CEO Antonia Monk Richburg, Ph.D., said. “Through these investments, we aim to support nonprofits on the front lines, providing vital services and support to individuals and families in need.”

This funding assists programs such as City with Dwellings’ HEART (Housing Emergency Assistance Response Team) Program, which combines housing with consistent, supportive services and resources for chronically homeless individuals in our community, helping them develop and achieve their short and long-term goals for health and housing stability.

“We look forward to continuing to tell the story of our impact for those calling Forsyth County home and showing the ripple effect of our organization’s re-investment of community support,” United Way of Forsyth County’s Interim Chief Impact Officer and Director of Place-Based Initiatives Rodd Smith said. “Putting dollars back into our community allows us to support much-needed summer learning loss prevention and after-school programs, support the dream of home ownership, and help our fellow neighbors and families on their paths to economic well-being.”

As the recipients of these funds begin implementing their programs and initiatives, United Way will work with each to measure progress, adjust around unexpected barriers, and evaluate the impact of these investments. United Way remains dedicated to transparency, accountability, and ensuring that donor dollars make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most.

A new round of funding requests will be announced in 2024, but to help increase investments in quality, impactful programs, consider contributing to UWFC’s fundraising campaign here.

About the United Way of Forsyth County

The United Way of Forsyth County brings the community and its resources together to solve problems that no one organization can address alone. Its vision is to create a world-class community where no one lives in poverty and everyone holds the power to access the opportunities and resources needed to thrive.

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