What We Do

What We Do


The problems in our community that really need addressing are significant, large scale challenges. None of these issues can be solved by one organization; the problems that exist are bigger than any one of us. Problems like homelessness, third grade reading proficiency, high school graduation rates and poverty.

We believe in being innovative. We rally our partners across government, business, philanthropy, faith communities, non-profits and the private sector so that we can achieve lasting social change in our community. We and our partners focus intently on our common goals, aligning all our time, investments, and staff resources, and hold each other accountable so we can make the greatest difference possible. This “collective” approach improves results.

United Way of Forsyth County is funding over 60 different local programs through our Community-Wide and Place Matters investment strategies. Listed below are agencies receiving funding through these two investment processes. A number of other community partners also receive funds through United Way of Forsyth County, including Trellis (formerly Hospice & Palliative Care Center), Second Harvest Food Bank, Girl Scouts, and Boy Scouts – Old Hickory Council. Additionally, last year over 370 agencies and nonprofit organizations from our local area and across the country received designated donation directly through United Way of Forsyth County’s Annual Campaign.

United Way of Forsyth County also funds and supports other key initiatives in our community including NC211, Housing Matters (formerly the Ten-Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness), The Data Sharing Project, The Partnership for Prosperity, and our key partnership with Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods.

Our Impact

Community-Wide Investments

The Community-Wide Investment Process funds programs working collaboratively to create thriving households across Forsyth County by improving economic mobility and increasing childhood and student success.

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Place Matters

The opportunity for a good life begins in our families, schools, jobs, and NEIGHBORHOODS. In Forsyth County, Census data shows us the average household income of a child of low-income parents who grew up in the 27104-zip code and is now in their mid-30s is $45,000 per year. The average household income of a child of low-income parents who grew up in the 27105-zip code who is now in their mid-30s is $17,000 per year. There is just a five-mile difference between these two zip codes in Forsyth County. We believe that your zip code should not determine your destiny. However, that is the reality for many of our neighbors and we are working hard to ensure that changes. Place Matters is an innovative, asset-based strategy to focus investments on interconnected solutions in 13 neighborhoods within Winston-Salem. 

With Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods, our key partner, we are able to convene community stakeholders—residents, nonprofit organizations, the faith-based community, and business and education leaders—in an inclusive approach focused on sustainable change in the priority areas of Housing, Education, Healthy Living, and Unemployment.

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Our Initiatives

United Way of Forsyth County provides backbone support to three initiatives; The Data Sharing Project, Housing Matters, and The Partnership for Prosperity.  

Our initiatives are aligned with our organizational goals and focus on cradle-to-career education success, homelessness, and economic mobility.  United Way serves as the vital support organization for these innovative and collective efforts.  We are proud to provide some of the financial and staff support that help sustain these key initiatives.  

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