Who We Are

Our History

United Way of Forsyth County originated in 1923 as the Community Chest of Forsyth County. Our organization funded partner agencies that served our community in a variety of ways and aided people in need. In 1974, the name was changed to United Way of Forsyth County. Almost a century later, our organization remains a cornerstone of philanthropy in Winston Salem and Forsyth County. We continue to work hand in hand with partner agencies to align programs and resources to create the most direct and effective solutions to key social issues facing the community.

The most significant problems in our community are interconnected and complex. They require a coordinated approach by many different organizations to solve. UWFC and volunteers on the impact council are uniquely positioned to understand the needs in the community and how proposals from our partners will address these needs. We hold our partners and ourselves accountable for the money we invest in every program.

people are always at the heart of what we do at United Way

Who We Are Now

United Way of Forsyth County invests in over 60 programs and initiatives with more than 40 local partner nonprofit organizations focused on the key impact areas of Education, Economically Mobile, Health, and Basic Needs. These 4 focus areas are part of the evolution to the Economic Mobility Roadmap (EcMR), which addresses the overall question of why we invest in problem solving to overcome roadblocks and barriers that prevent households from achieving economic self-sufficiency. 

We create opportunities for a better life for everyone by engaging people from all walks of life and inspiring action to build a better community.